Real Wood Solutions


Quality furniture is made from real wood. These quality pieces offer unparalleled style and durability. Explore our extensive offerings on highly customizable real wood furniture.


Drawleaf Table- Zimmerman Chair

Wheaton Round Table- Zimmerman Chair

English Walnut Live Edge.jpg

Only the best stains and finishes are used to protect your furniture is against wear and tear. 

A wide variety of styles can be achieved with different stains and distressing to perfectly suite your tastes whether traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between. 

Zimmerman Chair Heritage Stains

Zimmerman Chair Antiquity Stains

Zimmerman Chair Renaissance Finishes

Zimmerman Chair Weathered Antiquity Finishes


Wrightsville Collection- Urban Collection by Yutzy


Monticello Collection- Urban Collection by Yutzy

Explore a sampling of our vendors who specialize in real wood products.