Luxury Pillows

Relax and sleep better with a more comfortable pillow.  We chose to partner with Malouf Sleep in order to provide our customers with the best pillows on the market.  With a wide variety available, there is a pillow for everyone at all price ranges.  Whether your prefer down, memory foam, latex, gel or even microfiber we have the perfect pillow for you.  Take a look at our offerings and shop now. 

New Zoned ActiveDough Pillows

The new Zoned ActiveDough pillows bring a new unique feel to the classic zoned dough from Malouf.   has designed a new pillow that contours to you head and neck with the comfort of memory foam but with the quick reaction characteristics from latex. Available in the scented aromatherapy variations as well the charcoal infused and cool gel options. 


Scented Zoned Dough Pillows 

The centuries old art of aromatherapy has been updated and combined into pillows. Looking for a more soothing pillow? The chamomile, lavender, and peppermint naturally promote soothing relaxation and alertness to help you sleep more soundly. Are you primarily a side sleeper? Consider the shoulder variation for a more comfortable sleep.


Zoned Dough Pillows

The original zoned dough pillows are designed to offer the best neck support while gently cradling your head. The superior ventilation of the zoned pillows allows for the comfort and benefits or memory foam without the heat common in memory foam products. Available in several varieties including bamboo charcoal which acts a natural breathing filter, cooling gel for a cooler sleep, and the classic original. 


Z Pillows

Looking for something different?  We have you covered.  From traditional down blends to cutting edge pillows with active cooling properties choose your favorite. Our selection includes specialty pillows for all needs.

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