Mattress Gallery

Give us a night and we’ll give you a better day.
— Frankie Winn, Co-founder and Owner


The foundation of a good day comes from a good night's sleep. At the Blackstone Emporium we are committed to helping you find your personal sleep system.

A comprehensive system includes the proper mattress, foundation, pillows, sheets, and often an adjustable base.

We have chosen a wide range of mattresses to satisfy our customer's unique needs and preferences.

 The Winndom Collection , Serta's iComfort series and Perfect Sleepers form the bedrock of our mattress gallery. These high quality mattresses offer the best in comfort and durability to help you sleep more soundly.

Winndom Mattress Collection


Winndom 30th.jpg

At the Blackstone Emporium we are pleased to present the exceptionally crafted Winndom mattresses made locally in Hopewell, Virginia.  These custom made mattresses are made with precision and care by a small but dedicated team with a singular focus, make exceptional mattresses.  Corners are never cut, and only the best components are used.  Winndom mattresses are proudly made with 100% American made raw materials.  As a custom manufacturer Winndom can make custom mattress sizes for specific needs. 

Unique Features

  • All Mattresses come with 10-15 year non-prorated warranty

  • American made with 100% American Made Materials

  • Lifetime Foundations, sturdiest foundations available, backed with a lifetime guarantee

  • Supportive coils made with the heaviest gauge wire available for years of resilience

  • Chemical free flame retardants made in American, non-toxic and non-allergenic

  • 2- sided mattresses available in most styles for extra life

  • Organic materials such as 100% pure natural American latex



The new Quantum Edge technology available in a variety of Winndom Mattresses provides superior edge support, flexibility and comfort.  These incredibly comfortable and durable mattresses are designed specifically to work in conjunction with adjustable bases.  Don't take my word for it, come in and see for yourself!

Our current lineup includes:

  • Quantum Edge Excellence with Latex

  • Quantum Edge Regalia with Serene

  • Quantum Edge Crown Royal

  • Blackstone Collection Firm, 2 Sided

  • Blackstone Collection Plush, 2 Sided

  • Berkely II with Latex

  • Custom Ortho-Intimate, 2 Sided

  • Renaissance II, 2 Sided

  • Renaissance III, 2 Sided


Serta iComfort


We handpicked the best mattress selection from Serta's new iComfort lineup to offer the best comfort to our customers.   As the bedding industry's leader, Serta utilizes cutting edge technologies and techniques in their premier iComfort series.  This not only allows them to make a better mattress than their big national competitors, but it also allows them to make it for less.   You cannot put a price on comfort, however spending less for more is win-win.  Our current lineup of hybrids and memory foam includes:


Memory Foam

  • Blue Max 5000

  • Blue Max 1000 Plush

  • Blue Max 1000 Firm

  • Blue 300


  • Blue Fusion 4000

  • Blue Fusion 1000

  • Blue Fusion 300

  • Blue Fusion 200

  • Blue Fusion 100


Click for detailed information regarding iComfort series.


Enhance your lifestyle with an Adjustable Base

  • Improve Circulation

  • Reduce Acid Re-flux

  • Ease back, shoulder and neck pain

  • Reduce Snoring

Click here for detailed information regarding the various models

Luxury Bedding Accessories


What better way to complement your perfect mattress than bedding accessories suited for you.  Technological breakthroughs have revolutionized bedding opening the door to new comfort enhancing designs.  We are now offering exceptional pillows, sheets and mattress protectors specifically designed to help you sleep and rest. 


The latest and greatest developments in pillows include the Zoned Dough developed by Malouf.  This unique design allows the pillow to breathe while still maintaining a supportive yet exceedingly comfortable feel.  

zoned dough 1.jpg
zoned dough 2.jpg
zoned dough 3.jpg

The Zoned Dough has become the perfect template in which to find your perfect pillow.  Individuals with unique preferences such as desiring: cooling effects, aromatherapy, hypoallergenic, temperature regulation, side sleeping etc.  There is a pillow for everyone.  

 Chamomile Infused Aromatherapy Pillow

Chamomile Infused Aromatherapy Pillow

 Peppermint Infused Aromatherapy Pillow

Peppermint Infused Aromatherapy Pillow

 Lavender Infused Aromatherapy Pillow

Lavender Infused Aromatherapy Pillow

 Bamboo Charcoal infused to Promote Better Breathing

Bamboo Charcoal infused to Promote Better Breathing

 Gel Infused for Cooling Effecgts

Gel Infused for Cooling Effecgts

 Shoulder Cut out for Side Sleepers. Most Pillows Available in this style.

Shoulder Cut out for Side Sleepers. Most Pillows Available in this style.


Like pillows, developments have led to the development of high performance sheets for reasonable prices.  Malouf specializes in a variety of high quality sheets of varying types to suite your needs.  Their offerings include Tencel, Rayon from Bamboo, French Linen, and Supima Cotton.  There are many factors to consider when purchasing sheets; click on the button below for a explanation of what to look for.

FrenchLinen pic.jpg
FrenchLinen pic 2.jpg
supima pic 2.jpg