Zoned Dough Pillows

Hey everyone, I wanted to write a mini post on the new pillows we have available at Blackstone Emporium and highlight one in particular.  The revolutionary zoned dough technology offers all the benefits of memory foam and none of the downsides.  The unique zoned structure provides excellent neck support while cradling your head for superior spine alignment.  This is achieved by creating holes of varied sizes in the pillows structure.  In addition to creating a durable and luxury feel, they also ventilate the pillow allowing for better temperature regulation.  All of these pillows feature this amazing zoned technology, however the unique design allowed the engineers to further refine and differentiate their pillows.  The one I want to talk about today is the Zoned Dough + Bamboo Charcoal.  By infusing their dough foam with bamboo charcoal, the standard pillow is greatly enhanced.  The infusion further enhances the temperature regulation of the standard zoned dough pillow for a cooler pillow.  Additionally bamboo charcoal naturally eliminates odors, absorbs and wicks excess moisture for a dryer and healthier pillow.  This works well with the amazing bamboo velour cover that is super soft and washable.  All of this culminates into a superior and more environmentally friendly pillow.  This is a great pillow option for someone with sensitive skin, allergies, asthma or looking for a healthy comfortable pillow.  It is available in both king and queen sizes as well as in both mid loft (6 inches) and high loft 7 inches. A bigger person would be better served with a higher loft which offers more support.  Explore our offerings and find the perfect pillow for you!

Benjamin Winn