Celebrating the Holidays in Style: Custom Dining Sets

  Summer is finally ending and schools are back in session. I know many parents are breathing a deep sigh of relief. It is hard to believe that the holiday season and its many obligations are quickly approaching. For many, that means hosting family and friends for meals and fellowship. With this in mind, do you currently have adequate table space to comfortably seat your guests? If you are considering a new table or dining set, there is no time like the present to make sure you get exactly what you want. We are committed to helping our customers, that means you, find to perfect furniture for your needs including custom tables of all styles at reasonable prices.

Custom Size Tables

            Many furniture companies only make a specific table group in one or two sizes. Unfortunately, this one-size-fits-all approach does not work for many. That is where our custom table manufacturers outshine the competition. As long as the dimensions allow the table to comfortably function, they will make any size you need. Get your table wider or longer. Want a solid top? Not a problem. Want an extension table capable of expanding to seat your many guests? We can do that too! Think of all the fights and arguments that will not happen simply because everyone has adequate elbow room.

Custom Style and Finish

        In addition to custom sizes, these tables and chairs can be purchased in a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary and every between. The shapes can vary dramatically as well from leg style to pedestal, or trestle to find your favorite look. The wide variety of stains and paints offer great ability to further customize your perfect dining suite. The catalyzed finishes further work to protect your table from scratches and wear. Different levels of distressing are also available to choose from. The appropriate level of distressing highlights and draws out the natural wood textures adding character in unique ways.

Out of the Ordinary, Barnwood and Live Edge

            If you are looking for a truly unique table set, consider going with something unusual. Ever wonder what happens to old barns that are no longer used or needed? Some are being painstakingly deconstructed and turned into beautiful furniture. Thick boards and beams showcase the natural beauty of solid oak. These true pieces of American history are reclaimed and crafted into heirloom quality furniture. I will talk a bit more about this company, Urban Barnwood Furniture, and their furniture in a future blog to better showcase their unique offerings.

            Interested in something truly unique and one of a kind? Consider a live edge table. These thick cut table tops feature the asymmetrical shape of the tree in its natural state. Choose between different species of wood for wildly different looks. Grain patterns, knots, beryl, and other characteristics create some of the most beautiful tables available. The more unusual the wood, the better looking the table. Sycamore, Elm, Oak, Maple, Walnut, Ash and many others are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Vintage tops from the incredibly rare American chestnut are also available. Pair these table tops with a beautiful base for spectacular results. Explore these one of a kind offerings at https://www.zimmermanchair.com/collections/zimmerman-live-edge-furniture/live-edge-dining-table-tops/.

            There is no time like the present. Gone will be the days of too small a table and elbows knocking the people beside you. We are positive you will fall in love with the superb quality, craftmanship, and style immediately. Come into the Blackstone Emporium today, find your ideal dining set and enjoy it for years to come.

Benjamin Winn,

Blackstone Emporium