The Best Cotton Sheets in the World

The Best Cotton Sheets in the World

There is a reason that cotton is the most popular material for bed sheets.  It is both soft and durable making it ideal for sleeping.  That being said, not all cotton is equal.  Just like anything, there are better varieties than others.  If you want the best cotton buy Supima; if you want the best sheets buy Malouf’s Supima Cotton.  It is quite simply the best for reasons we will get into, but let’s back up a minute.  Ever heard the term Egyptian cotton?  For the longest time Egyptian cotton was synonymous with luxury.  If you told your friends about your new Egyptian cotton sheets, you might hear lots of “ooos” and “ahhhhs.”  Unfortunately, many of the sheets, even those with ridiculously high thread counts, are second rate at best.  “Excuse me, what?!” you might exclaim.  The fact that it comes from Egypt does not indicate quality.  High quality cotton comes from extra-long staple cotton but very little of the cotton produced in the world is extra-long staple.  The vast majority of cotton that comes from Egypt is long staple not extra-long staple.  This “extra” does in fact make a big difference because the longer the fiber, the softer and more durable the thread.  When it comes to cotton, longer fibers are always better.

Extra Long Staple Cotton

            Pima cotton, as it is also known, is the specific species that produces extra-long staple.  In 1954, the term Supima was trademarked by an organization dedicated to growing and researching the finest Pima cotton in the world .  Referred to as Supima, or Superior Pima, this label indicates an assurance of quality because of the careful control and dedication from the farmers.  Pima cotton produced by Supima members is only produced within the United States and only by select farms and farmers in the American southwest.  Quality over quantity is the key.  Supima cotton only accounts for 1% of the world’s cotton production making it highly desirable. Only select brands are allowed to use Supima cotton in order to assure manufacturing quality and to maintain the brand.  When you buy Supima cotton sheets, you are getting the best quality cotton in the world, guaranteed.

Supima Cotton Sheets

            Partnering with the Supima organization, Malouf has taken the very best cotton in the world and created wonderfully luxurious sheets that will help you sleep comfortably for years to come.  Malouf’s Supima Cotton sheets have a 600 thread count single ply design ensuring the softest feel.  Thread count is something commonly embellished in a variety of ways for a better understanding take a look at this simple explanation. The sateen weave further provides a softer feel and a more beautiful drape for your bed. Anything over 600 is a waste of thread due to the dramatic diminishing returns on higher thread counts.  Designed to easily fit any mattress, the deep pockets fit up to 22” deep and feature a strong elastic band on the fitted sheet ensuring it fits your mattress securely.  An industry leading warranty of 5 years backs this wonderful product.  Invest in your sleep and stop sleeping on mediocre sheets.  Make the transition to Supima cotton from Malouf and you will not regret it.  Available now on our website for the best deals.  Come on into the Blackstone Emporium and see and feel them for yourself!

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