Elevate your Sleeping

Elevate your Sleeping: Benefits of Adjustable Mattress Bases


Picture this scenario, you have a head cold and its time for bed.  You know you’re in for a restless night’s sleep full of difficult breathing, snoring, and general discomfort.  That is the exact scenario I was facing a few weeks ago.  Thankfully with a little bit of elevation from my adjustable bed, I was soon breathing easier which means less snoring which means my wife was happy.  It is a pleasure to be more rested but more importantly as the old saying goes, “Happy wife, happy life.”  We purchased our adjustable base last winter and has been a pleasure to own.  In this blog I am going to address a few of the benefits adjustable beds provide.  With a little knowledge you may find one beneficial for you as well.

1.     Easier Breathing, Less Snoring:  As I mentioned before, adjustable bases help you breathe easier and results in less snoring.  The reason for this is because the windpipe is more restricted when laying down flat according to healthguidance.org.  Even raising your head slightly allows for easier air flow. Easier airflow means better breathing which helps ease and quiet snoring.  So that means if you’re are the snorer you sleep more rested and so does your partner since you no longer sound like a jet engine.  That’s what we call a win-win.  On a personal level I definitely raise my bed up a bit more when I am congested.  It truly makes a world of difference.

2.     Ease pain:  One of the biggest challenges Americans face in getting a good night’s rest is pain.  Back pain in particular seems to affect an incredible number of adults.  When suffering from a chronic condition of even a temporary ailment.  Changing the pitch of your mattress and often provide some relief.  Different positions relieve pressure from different locations such as back, neck and shoulder, hip and legs. This also applies to swelling feet and ankles for swelling.  This is an incredibly valuable non-medicinal aid for a better night’s sleep.

3.      Fun and relaxation:  An adjustable base really does make being in bed more fun and relaxing.  Do you ever read or watch television in bed?  If you are one of the many folks who enjoys unwinding and relaxing in bed, an adjustable is perfect for you.  No more straining and stretching to see the television or moving your book around to catch both light and a comfortable position.  The base has certainly made spending time in bed more comfortable and enjoyable.

4.     Partners with different needs:  It is very common for partners and spouses that have different needs and comfort levels.  While some spouses do sleep in separate beds, a split king adjustable base allows you both to manipulate your own side of the bed and achieve a personalized comfort level.  In some instances, couple choose different mattresses to put on their bases.  One may prefer and firm and the other soft.  You can have your preferred comfort level and still sleep next to your loved one.

5.     More digestion, less indigestion:  Many of us enjoy a snack before bed whether we should or not.  One of the issues that arises from this is less than ideal digestion again due to being flat.  Raising up a bit again help counteract this allowing better digestions thus better sleep and better health.  The same is true for indigestion, this will not cure people with chronic indigestion but it can help relieve some of this discomfort associated with that condition.

6.     Style and looks:  This does not really fit “benefit” category exactly but is far from a negative.  A big concern often expressed as a negative about adjustable bases is the look and concern over their existing bed.  Some are worried they will have to get rid of their existing bed thus ruing their set.  That simply is not the case.  The adjustable bases are designed to drop down inside your existing bed.  Just have a head board?  Not a problem.  The bases can be mounted to your existing headboard.  The process is simple and easy and should not be seen as a barrier to getting your adjustable base.

Starting to sound like a good idea?  It certainly does not hurt to try one out.  Come in, test them out and see for yourself.  Different bases offer different features in a variety of price ranges.  Come in to the Blackstone Emporium and see which one works for you!