When should I buy a new Mattresses?

When should I buy a new Mattresses?


The sooner you know it is time to purchase a new mattress the better.  Unfortunately, people often ignore the signs and suffer as a result.  Waiting too long means losing restful sleep.  Without restful sleep your productivity decreases as does your quality of life.  It is not a great leap to say when you are rested you are happier.  This means having a comfortable and supportive mattress is crucial for a healthy, happy life.  The best answer to this question is listen to your body.  This is not always easy for a variety of reasons; here are some things to be on the lookout for:

Are you sore and achy?

When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel?  Pain in your hips, back and shoulder is not what you are supposed to feel.  As the mattress ages and degrades, your body will be less supported which leads to discomfort. The problem with this is that human beings are adaptable.  We can get used to most anything so long as it is gradual over a period of time.  Often customers talk about staying in a nice hotel and having such an amazing night’s rest only to return home and feel miserable.  At some point either their comfort level changed or the mattress no longer supported them.  Without staying in the hotel, it may have been a while before they realized there was a problem.  Be mindful of your body and the signs its giving.

How long have you had your mattress?

Have you had your mattress longer than ten years?  If yes, it is time to consider a new set.  The number of years a set should last will very.  Typical warranties on national brand sets are for ten years.  This generally applies to body indentations and sagging not the comfort level.  Additionally, your desired comfort level may have changed during that time period.  A firmer or possibly softer feel may be better.  Consider this as well.  Over the course of ten years, your body secretes quite a lot of moisture and sheds dead skin cells.  Unless you have a quality mattress protector, all of that goes straight into your mattress.  Unpleasant but true.  Keeping mattresses for a long time can be unsanitary in addition to uncomfortable.  Something else to consider is that with constant improvements in technology mattress are simply better than they were ten years ago.  Just like with an iPhone or television, you may want to see how a up to date mattress set feels.

Has your lifestyle or body changed?

Has something fundamentally changed in your life?  If you have been sleeping alone and are now sharing your bed with a partner, you may need to consider changing mattress types or even size.  Old fashioned innerspring mattresses tend to be more sensitive to weight transfer.  People who move around a lot of sleep on different schedules often disrupt their partners sleep.  Many new mattresses use specific technology to minimize or even cancel out weight transfer.  Have your recently started sharing your bed with a partner and are feeling crowded.  Increasing from a full to queen, or to a king when space permits, may help sleep more soundly.  Medications and normal life events such as menopause often lead to increased temperature sensitivities.  If you are now hot natured, consider a mattress with cooling effects or vice-versa.  Injuries or surgeries can often alter how you sleep and should be considered when determining whether a new mattress or adjustable base may improve your quality of life.


If you are questioning whether it is time to purchase a new mattress; Now is the time to start looking.  It never hurts to see what is out there.  If your mattress is approaching ten years, start looking now.  Being proactive will prevent there being a time when you are sore and miserable due to an old mattress.  Take your spouse or partner when you look and see what works for both of you.  Visit Blackstone Emporium and lay down on some mattress systems.  See what works for you and your needs.  Few things are better than waking rested; come and find out for yourself!

Benjamin Winn,

Chief advocate for throwing that 30 year old mattress away,

Blackstone Emporium