The Blackstone Emporium is the one stop-shopping destination for all your furniture needs.  With over 100 brands to choose from, we offer our customers a unique shopping experience combining unparalleled customer service with unique styles.  We are committed to selling quality furniture for reasonable prices.  A family owned business, the Blackstone Emporium has proudly served central Virginia and the surrounding communities since 1980.  Our professional and courteous in house delivery team is ready to bring you your furniture. Come in and let us help turn your house into your beautiful home.


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In addition to customer care, we are committed to offering you the ability to customize your furniture. Our upholstery companies offer hundreds of fabrics and leathers to choose from; while our Amish companies handcraft pieces in your choice of wood and finish. Need a customized wall system? Arthur W. Brown Manufacturing can create the setup to bring out your room's full potential. They bring affordability to custom cabinetry. Explore our galleries and find the perfect furniture for you.


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Maintaining optimal sleep temperature is an important component of resting comfortably throughout the night.  Innovation in bedding has led to the use of phase change materials to better achieve this goal.  Phase change material, or PCM, is a cutting edge substance that absorbs large amounts of heat.  When applied in a bedding, it pulls excess heat away thus better regulating temperature and preventing the sleep from growing hot.  Take a look at the our products that utilize these PCMs.


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